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Senior Citizen Programs

MRC Sponsored Trips for Seniors:
The MRC sponsors trips for Senior Citizens throughout the year. These trips are for Seniors, aged 55 and over, ONLY, and do not include children at any time. Special arrangements can be made for adult helpers to go on these trips at their own expense.

Participants living within USD#263 Mulvane, USD#357 Belle Plaine and USD#463 Udall KS, will pay the posted fees. Participants living outside of the above school districts will pay $5.00 more per class or trip. This is to balance the tax placed on our in-district supporters.

Line Dancing, Yoga: Chair, Yoga: Slow Flow, Zumba Gold and Zumba Gold: Chair  are all daytime classes in the Senior online class listings with special pricing for Seniors, 55 years and up. If you sign up online the discount will apply automatically as long as we have your correct birth date.

Teach and Train 40+ also has special pricing for Seniors, however you cannot sign up online to receive the special pricing.

Mulvane Senior Center

Senior Fitness and Senior Walking Membership

Senior Activity & Trips

Classes with Special Senior Pricing:

Line Dancing, Yoga: Chair, Yoga: Slow Flow, Zumba GoldZumba Gold: Chair and Teach and Train 40+ are all daytime classes with special pricing for Seniors, 55 years and up. If you sign up online the discount will apply automatically as long as we have your correct birth date.

*Individual cancelled classes may or may not be rescheduled due to time restraints.

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Senior Fitness

Senior Walking Membership

A Senior Walking Membership is a limited access membership for Senior Citizens 55 years and up. It is only for walking in the MRC Gymnasium or on the MGS-MRC Annex Track and does NOT include access to the Fitness Center or classes.

The monthly fee is lower than a regular fitness membership due to the limited access it allows. In-District/INCL fees and Out-of-District fees apply. Out-of-District seniors may not use the track during school hours. They may walk in the main MRC gym during school hours, if they wish.

• Memberships are month to month.
• All paperwork must be completed before a membership can be used.
• PLEASE NOTE: No Refunds or Credit on Membership Fees Not Used.
Memberships cannot be signed up for online, you must come into the main MRC to apply and pay for your membership.

Forms Needed to Start Membership

General Information

Senior Walking Membership

Track Rules

General Information
• All class fees are extra. You need not be a member to attend a class.
• All payments must be made at the main MRC building for memberships.
• The MRC accepts Cash, Checks, Visa & MasterCard debit/credit cards.
• Payment is due at time of membership application.
• Paperwork must be completed and signed for membership to be valid.

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Senior Walking Membership
This is a membership for 1 person only, age 55 and up.
Fee: $10.00 in-district/INCL, per 30 days / $15.00 out-of-district, per 30 days.
Requirement: Must be 55 or older, no exceptions.
Additional restrictions apply during school hours.
Access: Walking ONLY, in MRC gym and MGS-MRC Annex Walking Track.

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Forms Needed to Start Walking Membership
This is the actual Senior Walking Membership Application that we require for starting a walking membership. The front must be filled out completely, the back contains all the track rules for the elevated MGS-MRC Annex Walking Track and both sides must be signed by the senior wanting the membership.
Printable 2-page pdf of the Senior Walking Membership Form.

A Fitness Form must be filled out for each Senior, 55 years and up to participate in the Walking Membership. This is an annual form that only needs to be renewed once a year.
Printable pdf of the Fitness Form.

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Walking at the MGS-MRC Track; General Track Rules:
All General Mulvane Recreation Center Rules apply to track use. These include:
• No fighting, swearing or loud, disruptive behavior.
• Everyone must check in at the front desk.
• Everyone must enter and exit at the main door by the front desk.
• No tobacco products, alcohol or drugs in facility or on facility grounds.
• No firearms permitted in the facility.
• Wear a dedicated pair of shoes for the track.  No street shoes, please.
• Proper attire (shirt, shorts, shoes) required while in the facility.
• Only those 15 years of age or older may use the track.  Approval for those younger than 15 years old may be approved by MRC staff if parent is with the child on the track and the child can follow the track rules.
• No one is allowed to climb, stand or lean over the railing, both concrete and metal.
• No throwing objects from the track to the gym below or from the gym below to the track.
• No food or drink is allowed on the track except water.
• Report suspicious activity to the MRC Front Desk staff immediately.

Track Rules for Use While School is In Session:
All General Track Usage Rules Will Be Followed.
• No one under the age of 55 may use the track while school is in session.
• Members 55 years of age and older may only use the track during the day, while school is in session, only if they reside in Mulvane.
• No loitering on the track.
• No resting or leaning on the railing, both concrete and metal.
• Resting is limited to the rest areas located on the northwest side of the track and in the lobby area located just outside of the track on the second level.
• No communication either verbally or nonverbally with the PE Classes below.
• No yelling or disruptive behavior is allowed.
• A Single, Family or Senior Walking Membership is required to walk on the track during the day. Day passes are not allowed.
Please bring a pair of dedicated, clean athletic shoes to use in the gym. Street shoes will no longer be allowed.

Fitness Center (Weight Room and Cardio Room): Our Cardio Room is equipped with assorted machines, our Weight Room is equipped with free weights and various weight apparatus, and is available to MRC fitness members or Day Pass guests, 15 years old and older. Senior Walking memberships do not count for the Fitness Center.

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Senior Activities and Trips

Trips and activities are for Seniors, aged 55 and up, ONLY, and do not include children at any time. Special arrangements can be made for adult helpers to go on these trips at their own expense.

New Senior Trips are listed under "Senior ONLY Activities" in the registration list.

The Mulvane Senior Center
The Mulvane Senior Center is located in the Community Room north of the MRC lobby. Entrance to the center is from the East parking lot, through the door marked Mulvane Senior Center. There are several handicap parking spaces near the door.

Lunch: The Mulvane Senior Center provides lunches to seniors over 60 for $3.00 per lunch through the Friendship Meals program—reservations required. Meals are also delivered to seniors who are homebound.  Call the Center at 777-4813 for details.
Breakfast: Every Tuesday for Donuts and Coffee from 7:30-9:30 a.m. and the 2nd Tuesday of each month will be a biscuits and gravy breakfast.
Yoga: Mon/Wed/Fri, 9:30-10:30 a.m. seniors are invited to participate in free DVD Yoga classes that are modified for older participants. 
Social Activities: Scheduled Dominoes, Bingo, Birthday celebrations, once-a-month trips, and lunchtime entertainment or speakers on various dates.  Daily there are puzzles, computers and a pool table for seniors to use. Shuffleboard is now available, too.
Health Activities:  Every 7 or 8 weeks, Harris Foot Care will tend to your feet, by appointment. The Center offers monthly blood pressure checks.
Monthly Information: Is available at the Mulvane Senior Center OR use the links below to view or print out the monthly calendar, menu and newsletter.
Closings:  Watch Wichita TV channels 3 & 10 or Mulvane channel 7 for closings due to inclement weather.

Mulvane Senior Center Monthly Information:

Senior Center Calendar:        December 2018 Calendar

Senior Center Lunch Menu:        December 2018 Menu

Senior Center Newsletter:        December 2018 Newsletter

Contact Jeri Myers, Mulvane Senior Center Director, at 777-4813 for more information.

Visit the Mulvane Senior Center page on the Mulvane City website.

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